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Enhance the curb appeal of your home, as well as your enjoyment, by opting for these hardscape features. We can design and construct whatever you have in mind. If you lack a true vision for this project, we will implement our creative skills and conjure up the perfect look for you.

Advantages of Concrete Pavers

  • Flexibility. A concrete paver walkway or driveway is comprised of hundreds of individual bricks that are locked together with¬†polymeric joint sand. This allows the bricks to support heavy loads while retaining the ability to move with seasonal changes in the soil moisture content. Often, things that are strong are also very rigid, not so with a driveway or walkway done with concrete.
  • Ease of Repair. If a section of your driveway or patio becomes uneven over time it is possible to repair a small section of pavers without having to re-do the entire thing. Changes and expansions can also be done in such a way that they are indistinguishable from the original space. The ease of repairs and additions means these changes are more economical than with poured concrete.
  • Wide Range of Styles, Colors and Patterns. With so many different types of concrete pavers available, the design possibilities are almost endless. Much of the work we do is in elegant monochromatic color schemes, but vibrant, striking designs are possible by using contrasting paver colours, and by mixing different styles and patterns.
  • Immediate Usability. Unlike poured and stamped concrete that has to cure for 3 to 4 days, pavers are ready to enjoy as soon as the installers have cleaned up the work site. No “wet concrete” signs needed!
  • Low Maintenance Requirements. There was a time when concrete pavers required some effort to keep the joint sand from being washed away and to keep weeds from settling into the joints. The introduction of polymeric sand has eliminated those problems, making patios and driveways nearly maintenance free.

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